• teriknows 6w

    Friends for Life

    People we meet day to day are sometimes people that stick around,
    The people we share our life with till the end of our rounds,
    From the time you first met and clicked at first site,
    One who will stand by you as you fight your fight,
    Bare in mind that the ones who keep you sane,
    Are also the friends that never come and go over and over again,
    When you fall a little short they pick up the slack,
    With no worries about being paid back,
    A special person that you can confide in,
    When told a secret keeps it till the end,
    When you need a shoulder to cry on they will be there for you,
    They will be honest about their feelings too,
    Never afraid to say what they feel,
    Always a friend keeping it real!!!!