• charlin29 6w

    Part of a story I been working on.

    "We are almost home." As I held my belly and rubbed it. "Daddy probably is already home from working, with food on the table ready for us when we walk in."

    Just as I opened the kitchen door, I saw no food on the table or stove. The only thing that I saw was his truck keys.

    I walked more into our home, rubbing my belly. "I'm going to get a shower and then get food on the table for us." "Then I'll tell Daddy that we are having a baby girl."

    I open my bedroom door, there was my boyfriend laying in bed with another woman in his arms. They both are sound asleep naked.

    I walked in with tears in my eyes, as my heart falling apart to know that I was faithful with the guy that been cheating on me the whole time.

    I grabbed my stuff that I had at his place, "Which it used to be our place, well I thought it was ours." I started to walk out of his bedroom, as I saw a picture on the wall of us.

    I took it down, looked at it, whipped it above them. Just as I walked out of his room, I heard the glass breaking off the wall and his bitch screaming.

    I slammed the kitchen door and walked away from his place. "Don't worry, mommy already have a place of her own." "We don't need daddy's help." As I rubbed my belly, with tears running down my face.

    This is some of my story I have been working on and how far I have gotten on it. I'm not sure what to call my story just yet.