• vibezzz 9w

    Christian Leed

    Meet Christian
    A 13 year old boy
    Had the world and more given to him
    Life was filled with joy
    His father left him when he was young but Christian still has his happiness to enjoy
    Everything looked oh so great
    Until oh no that fateful day
    When his mother decided to take that leap of faith
    Back into that love game
    She met a new guy friend whod comeover for dinner
    Christian knew sumthing was fishy bout him but didnt wanna get caught in the
    Brainwash that his mother seemed to full in love with yeah
    Stockholm syndrome she seemed to be put under a spell of sorts
    Guess in her eyes it was love ofcourse
    Christian felt betrayed lost in his thoughts
    Still had no place to say that the devil thinks hes god
    So he sits there hoping his thoughts are wrong

    Fast foward a couple years
    His thoughts, his fears
    Turned into reality as his mum he held dear
    Was held captive by the man she loved sincere
    Christian, 15 now just wants to talk to his mum
    But this guy has her tongue
    Christian tried speaking to her but then he got pushed and shoved
    Abused, neglected left unloved
    Christian develops an addiction to pills
    Christian wants to fill the hole with narcotics hoping that his emotions he can kill
    Christian wants peace, mum wants to be free
    He wants control over everything
    Christian stayed awake late one night while everyone was asleep and he wrote this in his notepad in his laptop with sum pills next to him getting ready for his last dream

    This world is so fuckin cold
    13 years old i knew this is what my future would uphold
    As soon as we had dinner with him
    Mum, i told you he was bad but nah
    I was 13, a young kid with a lot to dream
    A lot to lose, and I lost it, i fucken lost it coz of you
    Mum this aint at you though you are partly to blame
    He took my fucking mum away
    If I could id take away all of your pain i would
    But I know im only adding to the disgrace
    Remember when youd let me stay up late?
    Watch cartoons and forget about school the next day
    Then id wake up get ready to school have you smile and wave and say have a great day
    Bet you dont even know bout what ive done
    The fights ive won, the drugs ive done
    Bet you dont even know bout the girls i had fucked and my lack of trust
    Im rambling again shit this tough
    Im only 15, yet i feel ive lived a million lives
    Lived a life not worth my time
    Failed school
    Failed you
    Guess i failed life

    Gave everything I had not to lose you
    Now everything I have is lost trying to get through to you
    I lost you to a guy who had you glued
    I hear the arguments i know he beats on you too
    Anything to bring fear onto you
    Im done trying to have a relationship with you
    These pills boutta knock any life i have left out so dont move
    If your reading this stand still
    I know hes reading this coz he wont allow you to till
    Yous argue and he can use it against you to bring you to your knees in tears for his evil ways has taken me

    Written sincerely

    Christian Leed