• abusedink 11w


    Was a story of a state of unaccomplished bliss
    when the news broke out, few could accompany this..
    thought of the loss of an art and the artist, it isn't the full summary
    This summer is cruel but so is the life in every season
    Art of acting was underappreciated but every character you touched were so alive and you were the reason
    Now there are a million Ila that are heartbroken
    But we are thankful for making us chukle while we weep
    Because the impact you left is similar to this wounds, both are deep
    We can't thank you enough but couldn't get enough
    You died, but since day one you were the last of a dying breed
    An artist then a celeb an actor not a hero but a real life hero and an inspiration to a new school actors like Nawaz,Rajkumar and Ayushmann
    People respect you to be the Indian actor who made it to Hollywood
    But I'd remember you as the one who refused Interstellar for lunch box, and now you are travelling beyond the stars
    Looking down on us while we are trying to dry our scars
    Today this lunch box is again empty but there isn't enough space for our heart felt letters to fit in
    Rest easy is all we could say, behind your huge legacy, where should we begin?