• shyamagrwal 5w

    I surrender to you, bless me with grace.
    I have wandered too long, to be your guest.
    Robbed of my heroics
    Drained by my devils,
    I lost my ways.
    An empty vessel, quenches its thirst
    As I now see your moist face.
    End my misery, cut my chase
    Take me in your arms,
    Rent me your place.
    With you, I shall rest.

    I surrender to you, bless me with spring.
    I see blood in my eyes and my soul bleeding.
    Losing my breath
    Missing my beats,
    I need your healing.
    Give me your fragrance, let me repair
    It's better this way, with this feeling.
    Become my destiny, my meaning
    And become my lord,
    I beseech you, kneeling.
    You're my queen and my king.

    May I my lord, kiss your lips?
    And take the flavour of the heavens
    I am just a traveller of this world
    Loitering in these lifeless terrains.

    May I my lord, take your hand?
    And have a dance under the stars
    I will touch you, and spin you round
    Pulling you back, in my arms.

    May I my lord, smell your curls?
    And feel a temptation unknown
    I am just a bee in your yard
    Seeking life in the flowers you own.

    May I my lord, have your heart?
    And keep it in my hollow chest
    I will see light and feel the love
    And be yours, forever blessed.


    #love #poetry #mirakee #poem

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