• sweta1 50w

    Voice of dumb

    Voice of dumb speaks
    Louder than intelligent.
    Being trapped in the
    World of ignorant, they
    Feel privilege to be so.
    No urge to compete,
    Being supreme in their
    Own eyes & posses a
    Unique sense of despondency.
    Spread the aroma of failure.
    They spark a conversation
    With irrelevant arguments
    Supported by less facts.
    Only motive lies in dragging
    Someone to their level
    Of ignorance to a great extent.
    Lack a sense of judgement ,
    So that wrong is the only notion.
    Uncountable dumb surrounding one
    Makes a lot of pollution than vehicle.

    You need to identify these dumb
    Through their attitudes
    Avoid these as soon as possible
    before your world turns up and down