• shinchan_says 9w

    Dear Mom

    I am here in your room, neat and clean , everything well placed and I hope you are good there. Mom ,you remember I used to call you forgetful and many a times I shouted at you for misplacing my things , Now I regret ma, I regret for my words but I can't amend now.

    I remember that day when I was breaking in your arms, and you hugged me and said he will be back and he will worth my love and after it you asked my last wish, I regret my answer mom, I answered "I want him back " and trying to hide your pain and tears, you laughed and said, " You changed a lot Meera when you were small kid you prayed to god that my last wish is to take my mumma on world trip, but I am ready to sacrifice my tour for my daughter's love". You left me dumbstruck mom.

    You remember mom they used to complain about me, they said your girl is too open and she stay out at night for long and you shut them up " She is my girl, full of confidence and she knows martial arts too , if someone dare to touch her she gonna show them their right place"

    You were awesome mom, always want to learn, always enthusiastic about my little things, You remember mom
    I was in 10 th standard and teacher asked us to write a poem I wrote on you but no rhythm, no metaphors , just a plain string of words, my teacher didn't praise me, I came home I cried and I behaved a lot childish that day but you said " You are my poetry, you are my melody, everything about meera is soothing for me " , you always left me speechless mom.

    Soon, your memories began to fade, many characters vanished off your mind, and you were forgetful about your day to day life, your screams, your collapse, your forgetting dad and everybody, it was no less than a nightmare mom. I regret calling you forgetful. You were always punctual mom, you were always on time, the last day you asked doctor, "where is meera?"

    You gave me a hope mom but you didn't recognize me, you said "she must be back from school and hungry, I need to feed her, she can't handle hunger".

    Mom, my whimper remain unheard because meera was now a college going , so called stubborn, adamant, careless girl not your school going mom's favourite , who used to tell her mom her long day details and her fights.

    I regret now , god listened to you mom Rihan felt sorry, but mom your girl is not weak and she is still her mom's favourite and my last wish is still void mom because I have everything, money, time, visa but all I miss is you mom.

    My favorite place to visit is my mom's room, her saree, her watch, her kitchen and her scent which make me feel , I am close to you mom.

    You know mom what's a good compliment for me now, " You have you mother's genes and you are just like her".

    Mom here's my try for you

    Beautiful like a pearl
    Glittering golden curls
    Gullible like a child
    Sometimes getting angry mild

    Her laughter echoed home
    She was my smiling mom
    Her heart was kind and warm
    My dad' s love , both soft and firm

    Now she is too far
    May be a star
    I stare at her in night
    Feeling her love in starry light

    Love was colgone of her life
    A doting mother always
    And a caring , loving wife

    Miss you mom
    And I am taking care of dad
    Yours always chaos making but strong girl