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    Here is part 1 of a short story I wrote. I’’m not quite sure if I will keep it short.

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    Married to her mind: Part 1 (chapter1): The dressing room

    It was her big day. Her parents, sisters, and friends all gave her a helping hand to chose her wedding dress. Her dress was white, sparkly, puffy and was mostly made up of lace and silk. Everything was so put together, it all happened when prince charming flew in from overseas & knocked on her door. She was shining with gold. The luster in her long, brown curls added more beauty to her face. She had her hair up, decorated with mini purple flowers. “It’s everything you wanted, you look so beautiful,” Her mom said. The dressing room was filled with smiles, along with hers. She did find peace in seeing everyone happy, but her heart was still screaming with a different desire.