• bhageshwari 5w

    As friendship day neared we saw shops flooded with friendship bands,rings and ribbons. Everyone planned to celebrate the day with their friends by going out for a movie or for lunch.'#besties4ever , #besties and many such stories flooded instagram ir snapchat. BUT was it really necessary to express your affection for friends? Friendship is not a festival!! It is an integral part of our lives and we dont need any reason to express it. Lord Krishna and Sudhama didn't need any day to spend time with eachother. Harry and Ron did not tie friendship band on thier arms and write hfd on eachothers arms. But they are still called friends. Why? This is because during friend's hard times, they were the one were selflessly with them without expecting anything in return. It is the bond that matters not the band. So why can't we celebrate friendsgip day everyday? Life would be full of happiness and joy if you have someone in your life to wipe your tears and make you feel comfortable and make you laugh aloud. So genuine question do we actually need a day in a year to love a friend? -Bhageshwari...

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    It is the bond that matters not the band ❣