• faezak 9w


    The way he looked at !!!
    He asked?
    I rejoined, You're ADORABLE,
    All I was executing his profile.

    Yes, it took me to a exceptional locale,
    So much warmth stretched for miles,
    It took me to HEAVEN to be honest,
    No compliment just being honest.

    It was uneasiness yet blush sometimes,
    How ironical both the time she was pink,
    An unforeseen touch of caress a few days ago,
    What a tricky chit-chat.

    Win over of a dabbler over a loyalist,
    I miss that caress with lips
    That gentleman his poke,
    How could I forget that adorable smile, caring eyes, handsome physiche.

    It excites me to the CORE,
    His posessions, his desires,
    Touch of his hands, his hairs too,
    The feel of every inch of his TOUCH.