• advaitha 5w

    Durga pujo

    Draped in a white saree with red border, embellished with golden threads.
    I adorn my face with a kumkum in between my brows
    With Sindur on my just at the beginning of parting line of my pleated hair
    I tuck my waist long hair into a simple bun .
    I Accentuate my eyes with Kohl
    Applyng red dye over my finger & toes.
    & Slip my hands through red & white bangles.,made of corals & conche

    I head towards the dazzling pandals.
    To find you ,my beloved goddess.,right among us.
    From whom the the three mothers ,the tridevi were born ,who is the mother of all mothers.
    Nourishing the universe & anything beyond .

    With a Visage spotless & pure, seeing which even moon feels ashamed & envious,as I look at it & all my impurities fade away.
    With a beautiful hairlocks ,as Balck as a lake packed with black lotuses, seeming like the heavy black clouds which let down rain of knowledge & wash away our ignorance.
    Those hairlocks ornamented & braided,seems to combine sweetness & beauty of blue water Lillie's swarmed by bees.
    With a forehead as tender as that of lotus petal
    With eyes partly open ,which are the most pleasant ,whose vision safeguard everything under the sight
    With a smile which can soothe the rage of shiva, which can ease Vishnu & give vigour to brhama .

    Your voice makes music of flute seem wet & monotonous & puts even cuckoo to shame .

    You are the half of shiva, you are each & every ounce of creation ,what could I offer you .as everything here is yours.,all I could do is put heart & soul into the bogh you love.

    These ten days elating , beautiful & close to my heart pass away in the blink of an eye.

    As the beat of the drums makes everyone's feet dance ,as cheerful days have just rushed past .
    My heart is filled with unshead tears.
    With a heavy heart I bid you a farewell.
    But my soul entranced by you ,tends to search for you everywhere
    & When I see the mirror,I see those deep eyes in which I can see the universe,huge kumkum which wards fear away.a calm visage & simple smile.
    A reflection which seemed just like you.

    I am able to see you in me ,I am able to realise there nothing but you in my heart.
    Now i wait for you to return once again ,not with sorrow but with joy.