• firdaus_cartoon_jr 5w

    She is my Rockstar.

    Mother's sacrifice their nights;
    So that we can have incredible days.
    They sacrifice their sleep;
    So that we can sleep peacefully.
    They sacrifice their health;
    So that we can grow.
    She never said she was tired;
    She continued to play.
    She never said she was hungry;
    She continued to share.
    She never said she wanted peace & quiet;
    She enjoyed the noise.
    She never complained;
    She always cared.

    The mothers love for a child
    Is the closest thing we can experience
    To unconditional true love.

    And the craziest thing is,
    We only get one chance
    To love them fully.

    A mother's sacrifice
    Can never be compared
    To anything else in life.

    And we all know that
    Nothing is really lost,
    untill your mother can't find it.

    But don't lose your mother in the process.
    Our mothers didn't leave us
    When we're Young
    So let's not leave them,
    When they are old.