• aparajitaapra 6w


    Somebody came to my house and came through a discussion -Everything is ok but she is 25 and the girl isn't settled yet.
    We are also worried, we will be tension free when she will be settled. So that the liability becomes less. With all said and done I would like to say...
    Omg! Suddenly a stunning gorgeous girl in her pansuit stormed inside the room.
    Oh thanx mom dad for showing me my place. Money isn't coming so of course I'm a liability after all I must pay the rent for staying in the house isn't it?
    I guess I would like to check out. She pulled out her luggage and left the place forever.
    After 5 years there was this multi billionaire famous writer, model and an entrepreneur girl in the magazine that looked so familiar.
    That's my daughter shouted the man. A tear rolled from his eyes - I'm glad she didn't settled.Proud of you my daughter.
    Those steps that she took outside of her home became a gateway to her fortune and success.