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    The greatest gift we owe ourselves with
    freedom experienced to the fullest
    refusing to be imprisoned
    by the opinion of others.

    We are meant to live as we are
    the way we are created to be
    we must choose to believe
    and learn to encourage ourselves everyday
    for there will be times
    where we are forced to
    face our problems alone.

    People will always have something to say
    but the impact and the power of their words
    will depend on how much we allow ourselves to
    believe them.

    Prioritizing ourselves at one point
    is not a selfish act at all but a time
    to refresh and pick up from where we
    left off, re evaluate, improve, or let go
    for the importance of keeping our sanity
    and whole system intact.
    And no one can love ourselves
    better than we do.
    And there is no greater peace
    in knowing that our identity is best anchored
    in the perspective of God, and inspite our
    imperfections and infirmities we are undoubtly
    wonderfully and fearfully made! ��

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