• wine_mirrors 10w

    I sit with my legs folded at the terrace.
    A sad song sleeps in my ears.
    The sky is so dark, that if
    You keep looking at it,
    You can't even see the difference
    If you open or close your eyes.
    Footsteps of thunder follow us
    Wherever we go.
    Moon almost looks like
    A negative black hole,
    Evading any darkness that confronts it;
    Scantily clad by translucent cloud robes
    (Like a Victoria's Secret model,
    I thought crazily)

    I curl up on the cold ground
    An eighteen year old stillborn foetus
    Embedded in Mother Night's womb.

    Clouds pass us by,
    Temporary as the love
    Concealed beneath love letters.

    We live, we die.
    We decay, break down
    Into less and less complex atoms
    Which might one day combine to form
    The very water droplets
    That conglomerate into clouds.

    There's a real chance, maybe then,
    That these raindrops falling on me
    Could've been a part of a person
    Miles and centuries ago.

    What a strange world we live in.

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