• lopoal 9w

    Letter to blood

    The things I do so I'm not like you
    People talk about the similarities between the two
    I may wear your name but I'm not the same
    It isn't all that easy to avoid your fame
    If I could do anything it's not to be like you
    So I stopped fighting help and started helping too
    These are the things I do so I'm not like you
    I hide my face when it's time to accept credit
    If it's good news I dont even want it
    Sure it was me and I didnt have to help
    But if I can stay away from the glory and the brand
    My happiness will truly have been felt
    I dont want a good Impression I want a good image
    If I wanted people thanking me
    I'd be alot different
    But I guess that would make me like you
    So I do it differently just to stay true
    You want me to stop being so quiet in my life
    I dont seek validation it's not even in my life
    When I die my tombstone better read he was just a man
    Dont celebrate my life
    For spoils of a hand
    These are the things that I do
    Just to make sure that I'm not like