• timothyvs 6w

    Swimming in Dreamland (freestyle)

    Another day has come and I see myself,
    Laying there looking all peaceful -
    I'm drowning within my own body,
    I scream for assistance - but as usual
    My voice is trapped from the physical world,
    I'm stuck in Dreamland,
    I'm swimming in my thoughts,
    What's so lively about this morning,
    I look so peaceful laying there -
    Shouldn't be the end right?
    Another day has come and I see myself
    Fighting a vicious battle - My Mind.
    Give me a rope - not to hang myself,
    But to be pulled out of my own Mind.
    Tick - Tick - Tick - Boom!!!
    There I go drowning -
    Could you have saved me from myself,
    I'm looking out the window and I see my
    Soul swimming in