• zohiii 6w

    Leaves of fall, leave with fall,
    but leave a thousand carcasses
    behind; rotting, crushed under
    heavy steps of passers-by;
    an autumn leaf faces a fate,
    of an old man, who gazes his
    friends all bury into eternal
    slumbers and waits for the next
    west-wind to blow him away;
    autumn has her way of throwing
    things away, getting rid of
    everything to bring it all
    together, from the leaves to the
    melancholy of the season;
    and while you'd be grieving
    for those that parted from you,
    all the tokens of autumn that
    went astray, another one will
    meet the same fate, and soon
    enough there'd be winter's
    promises scattered as
    snowflakes all around the
    grey roads; but you'd never
    know all of it, except a little
    sadness for a falling leaf,
    and your inability to catch it
    in your palms.

    ©zohiii // #reposts_from_hiver

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