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    Some unrelated things-

    1. When my mind is sorted, I can write a lot but when my mind becomes messy I can't write. My sad and vulnerable write ups are born from my sorted and clear mind. So, when you think writing heals know that it doesn't.

    2. Depression, anxiety, heartbreak these terms are subjective, when they are yours they feel like the biggest tragedy and when they are of others then it's “Just another” accident.
    Stop expecting things from people who are sad.

    3. I have a low melting point that is the reason I melt time and again with the arrival of a little warmth and my freezing point is high, with so much warmth inside it takes a lot from me to turn cold and freeze.

    4. Just in case you think you know me, tap your head once more and ask if you really do? Because how can you? Sometimes even I forget who I am.

    5. I once read a poem and that poem worked as a lullaby, it made me sleep,
    that is the best poem I have read till now.

    6. I don't know since when breaking hearts, torturing people and sufferings became normal because they are not. No one deserves to suffer and look for the positive side or lessons.

    7. Killing people is outdated, now-a-days people believe in making people suffer, they believe in murdering their heart and soul.

    8. I am clumsy but my clumsy is limited to objects only. I never dared to break someone's belief in their existence, their trust, their heart and their soul. It takes a lot of courage to break a human and I don't have that courage.

    9. The more I get to know people the more I believe that social media is a showoff. Nothing is as good as they show, this is just a millennial generation thing.

    10. Holding to things is my favourite guilty pleasure and leaving 'will be' an unsatisfactory achievement.
    Leaving is not my thing.

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    Some unrelated things-