• divokost 44w

    Disclaimer- Read only if you are comfortable with the sanguinary descriptions.

    Snjór og blóð

    The snow was red from my brother's blood
    As cold and indifferent, as fate heartless beguiled.
    Death lay in eyes, in the heart that betrayed
    like flesh and bones one brother spoke to another.
    In his pulse was a deluge of the past,
    the present drowned and the future set on fire alive.
    Do not shed tears brother, we hate and love
    bereaved of writhing serpent sides.
    Latitudes of axes and spears, unushered your skins sighs,
    The blood shall fill where art no pits to confide
    The stones shall wash from sins,
    when the rain seeps through their soul,
    But what of the soil I walk on brother?
    With your blood my earth shall never be sinned to lie.
    Burn, ravage with thunders or hold barren its plight,
    Lest the morsels of your flesh retain every might.
    Ravens and claws, the soul you lived, the life you ensouled, another sacrifice.
    Hold my hand, my brother!
    Every death we denied, shall in eternity reside!

    'There art only so much blood, that one shall draw from thy body.Thy soul they come to tear, fill their cups, but a spirit shall rise again and ever, and tear the reprise' - divokost
    It's raw and untapered with and intends to convey the gore which history survived upon. The blood soaked battles.

    Acknowledgement - Vikings by Michael Hirst

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