• colourfulgreys 6w

    MY IDOL Part III

    Being myself
    Claiming my space of the shelf
    Of the world that's on display
    Where hate blooms in broken hearts of clay
    Norms and identities I defy
    It's not easy, I won't lie
    But I'm obsessed about my looks
    As I'm about my college books
    I do perfect winged eyeliner
    and my writing is getting a lot finer
    It's tough to be accepted
    Easier to be judged and rejected
    But I am true to what I feel and think
    Questioning accusations I brush away with a wink
    To be what I am, I have lived a life
    and I tell you it's beautiful, to be the revolution's light!

    © Harfkaar 13-12-20

    For my Queen Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju (follow her on Insta if you don't already!)
    A doctor and trans female, asssiged male at birth and now a celebrity in her own right! I am a STAN!! Cheers to our femininity and powerful love! Love you Trinetra <3

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