• jayeccent 5w


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    Never a pure blood
    Never purist of mind
    But always striving, loving and kind

    Always grade A generous
    Was never brutally abused
    But lashed out, angry and confused

    Steadily they would decline
    Always considered pretty odd
    But was like a rock, seeing signs

    Move along, go ahead
    When they fool everyone
    and they run as fast as they can

    They run to nowhere
    Making nowhere plans effortlessly
    They keep perfectly still, leaving all to bare

    When will you understand
    They feel joy but mentally
    They're anger takes every single part of them

    Too close to danger
    It's dark inside, take time
    No one bites back as hard on anger

    They are strange too
    and they are a stranger
    They are high functioning but not really danger

    They are very unadulterated
    They are truly, purely isolated
    They are a solitary person but never alone or tamed and should never be traded.