• irtiqa_nadeem 6w


    She is a Paradox.
    She is Happy and yet Sad.
    She is a Dreamer and yet Afraid of her own Destiny.
    She can be Ecstatic and yet Gloomy.
    She is Lucid, yet a Mystery.
    She is Excited, yet Nonchalant.
    She is Sarcastic and Witty, yet Somber somedays.
    She can Motivate you, yet she is Depressed herself.
    She can pretend to be Okay, yet she is still figuring; whether she is Okay?
    In this world of Partying, Night-outs, and Clubbing, She still loves Stargazing or to go on a Long Walk under Moonlight.
    She may appear Tough, yet she is Fragile.
    She may appear Confident, yet she has many Insecurities.
    She cringes at Cheesy texts and pick-up lines, yet she gets emotional reading War-letters written by Soldiers to thier loved ones.
    She loves the Idea of Romance; but not of today's world but an old school Romance.

    Thus; she is an Old-Soul who loves to find depth even in Lifeless things, trapped in a body of a Teenager!