• winter_writer 30w

    The Story of a Nobody

    I've awoken in a dark place
    A space which I want to erase
    In person I'm a dear
    But inside I'm caging fear
    A door unlocked
    A monster has time to scatter
    Leaving but a trace of my soul
    Find it for it has left a hole
    A heart which has changed forever
    A love which will never return never
    A life lost in times of need
    A hateful past, a scary deed
    A small voice never heard
    A simple happiness never occurred
    The love a mother never learned
    A cycle that has returned
    Like a flower that has lost its leaves
    A person crying knows how it feels
    For I have learned how to cope
    A little love a little hope
    No one knows how to stay
    In a life of lost array
    In need of something I can love
    No one can love me except from above
    I'm sad I'm sad says the little voice in my heart
    But no one knows where to start
    Save me says the reality I avoid
    Ignoring my pleas, please listen everybody has a story
    So before you yell or scream
    Listen or you might miss a chance to be somebody to yourself