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    Quiz! I like the show for little kids called Franklin (don't make fun of me for it). If you wanna see my stories about Franklin, check out my Commaful account (link is in my bio). Wanna know more about Franklin? Look it up!

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    Which Franklin the Turtle character are you?

    (1 pick a home
    round house
    hole in ground

    dam=2 points
    round house=3 points
    tree=4 points
    hole in ground=5 points

    (2 choose personality
    bossy and arrogant
    friendly and playful
    kind and smart
    sneaky and boastful

    bossy & arrogant=3 points
    friendly & playful=4 points
    kind and smart= 5 points
    sneaky and boastful= 6 points

    (3 choose catchphrase
    "Everybody knows that!"
    "I can count by twos and tie my shoes!"
    "Do u wanna, (insert best friend's name here)?
    "Ooo, did you see that?"

    1st one=4 points
    2nd one=5 points
    3rd one=6 points
    4th one=7 points

    (4 pick color

    brown=5 points
    green=6 points
    chocolate=7 points
    red= 8 points

    (5 pick tail (XD)
    long and flat
    small and pointy

    long & flat= 6 points
    small and pointy= 7 points
    short= 8 points
    bushy= 9 points

    Count up your points!

    20 or less: Beaver!
    25 or less: Franklin!
    30 or less: Bear!
    35 or less: Fox! (my favorite)

    Please comment your result!