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    by Brian Francis

    Reflections upon Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    (July 1 - 3, 1863)

    The grass now dances with a gentle breeze
    Across this hallowed ground.
    Where once the clash of sabers clanged
    And the blood of heroes poured down.

    Where farms and people were once engulfed
    In the fury of a brother's war.
    When death and dying, were the rule of the day
    And victory the only cure.

    And from the ranks on either side
    The battle cries were heard,
    Echoing down across the fields
    Where the courage of boys was stirred

    The charges launched across those fields
    Burnt powder filled the skies,
    And through the smoke and stench there rose
    So many death-filled cries.

    The grass now dances with the gentle breeze
    Across this hallowed land.
    Where once the best and worst was seen
    That can come from the soul of man.

    Copyright ©2020 Brian Francis