• elegant_labyrinth 10w

    Dark. Pricking dark settles down on me as i step ahead. I call out your name walking in God knows which place. My heart sinks. My ears dying to receive your voice and my heart anticipating to synchronize with yours. You were here just a while ago. Weren't you? Or was i dreaming in my dream? I take steps carefully fearing I'd fall into another cavity. It doesn't matter if i walk with eyes open or close all i see is nothing. Am i walking in the nothingness of my soul ? And then I hear you. My steps halt. You call me once again... "Love?" My heart recognizes the pain behind your voice.

    " Aye , love? Don't go far."

    I close my eyes as warm tears of my cold behavior flow from my eyes. I keep my hand on my heart and whisper , " Love..." I call out your name after three good seconds. "Take me out. Please take me out."
    I hear you chuckle and then sniff. Were you crying? and i hear your voice again...

    " Come back to me"

    I wake up. But my heart yearns to go back to that darkness. Just to hear you. Just to feel you. Warm tears of my cold behavior flow, yet again.

    "Trust me i will. I will come back to you."


    ps: Not everything is a fiction. Idk what this is. I've forgotten how to write. Pardon me. Remember me in yours prayers ಥ_ಥ


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