• amaranthus 5w

    The first time I cut myself was
    When he touched me without my approval,
    The second time followed by
    The luxury of body shaming, I couldn't handle.
    The third time happened because of
    The broken heart was bothersome,
    The fourth time I went for it
    Cause my dreams were crushed!
    The fifth time wasn't intentional
    But my mother didn't believe in me,
    The sixth time felt easier cause
    Bleeding veins are better to see.
    And the number of cuts went on and on
    Whenever I needed an escape from this pain
    They say I'm really sad and depress
    Now life feels miserable than death
    And today, I decided as I pick the blade up
    This is the last,there won't be any more cuts
    There'll be no inner battle or ruckus
    It'll be quick and slow to drain my last hope.