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    I'm having one of those bittersweet days full of nostalgia and time spent reminiscing. You see, my two younger sons (Ethan - age 15, and Charley - nearly 13), have left for a week at Scout camp. Yes, they've done it before, and in the grand scheme of things it's really no big deal, because they'll be back home under this roof in seven days time; but looking ahead, at the bigger picture, I know that one day, all too soon, they'll be packing their bags to head out into the world and begin their own lives. As normal and natural as that is, it is so damn hard on a parent! It causes all these conflicting emotions within. On the one hand, there is pride and joy that the child has grown up and is ready to venture out into the world; but there is also sorrow and perhaps grief, in the struggle to come terms with the fact that a treasured phase of life has now come to an end. Permanently. As in forever. So I've been sitting here crying like a fool over something that hasn't even happened yet. I guess that's a mother for you, huh? Did I mention that I stink at dealing with endings? I mean I'm super lousy at it. See, the thing of it is, summer will end, and as much as I love summer and don't like to see it go, I know full well that it'll come back again; but this time with my sons... well, it's a one time shot... and then they're grown up and gone, and things will never be the same again. Sure, I'll adjust, and there'll be a new way of life, and perhaps I'll love it... but something tells me that it might take 100 years or more for me to reach that point in my mind. Thus the reference to the lyrics of a favorite song of mine, called '100 Years,' by Five for Fighting. I'll post the lyrics on my other account for those who might be interested.
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