• toshijamir 5w

    Never Gone

    You were a shining star in so many different ways
    You gifted the world with your voice in the beginning grey daze
    That band had a bond, still does to this day
    There are love and respect that will never go away
    You always put in the work, to make your voice to be heard
    Your fans knew the songs and sang them word for word
    Your lyrics always had a way of making my day better
    We memorised those words down to every letter
    You always made us feel like we were never by ourselves
    It's no wonder they couldn't keep your albums on the shelves
    You knew just how much you meant to all of your fans
    At every single show, you always reached out your hands
    You wanted to make us feel special like it is going to be okay
    Little did we know you were hurting day by day
    In the end, you saved more lives than you will ever know
    Your lyrics changed our minds and helped us all grow
    Listening to your voice you made all the pain go away
    We would have taken your pain if it would help you stay
    You may be gone but you'll never leave our hearts
    You created an army that nobody can tear apart
    Your lyrics will live in our hearts, every single song
    You may not be here now
    But You will never be gone.