• mayowa 23w

    I wonder if babies are scared of being born
    of being reborn
    traveling from existence to existence
    like going to sleep and knowing you’ll never wake up
    your dreams becoming your truth

    Is dreaming dying?
    well, at my funeral pass the gin
    and twerk a little
    this is a celebration

    Is this all I wanted?
    Is it enough?
    Is it too much?
    “This is the best thing to ever happen to you!”
    Is it?
    “It is.”

    When you’re on the cusp of greatness
    which of your emotions leads the battalion
    and who is carrying the flag?
    what color is it?

    While most fall into this moment
    here I am standing at the door
    and I have the key
    but I think
    I’ll rent a bulldozer
    and run this whole wall down.