• ayaan901 5w

    I wrote these for the girl i meet on my journey. She was all what i had always dreamed of. She walked off before even things could start...!! And i wrote it for her...!!

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    Oo girl its been hard to say you a good bye
    Ever since i saw you instagram, my days don't goes by
    You seem to be stuck on my mind
    I wait, wait for your replies !! wait to see you online
    For I know now you are the one....

    I don't know if these feeling's survive to see you on the other side
    But then I see ur smile and it makes me belief
    That someday time will change and life will put us in the same jetplane....
    Though i am miles apart and the dreams are far apart
    But i want you to know that you will be the one i will be dreaming

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