• kaali_rudra1012 9w


    I don't care
    Wat people think
    I just smile to see them
    And my eye blink

    I see everyday, people ill treats people
    They don't react wrong things, and act like owl
    They don't have sence
    And never will understand

    Oh damn!! I'm realy very tensed bout this society
    That's how increasing the cruelty
    I'm used to think everytime that how can it be prevented
    When god will come again, and a new era will be invented

    People are losing their faith in Lord Rama
    They do create daily a new drama
    They only just see the negative side of any crown
    Now a days, they want to be Ravan

    They say that the Ravan is pure soul
    They consider that he is best of all
    For it they gave reasons because he never touch goddess Sita without her desire
    For it, they want to admire

    Evilness is growing everywhere
    That's why God is losing his existence from here
    The earth is becominging hell by devils
    Only one thing is increasing, are evils...

    Now people don't care of nature,
    They only think about their bright future,
    But do they know, without it nothing exist,
    If yes, then why do they not resist.

    People are losing their interest in birds and clouds and flowers
    Now, they are not interested in rain
    They take bath in artificial showers...

    They don't have any kind of sympathy for trees
    They can't here the voice of innocent bees
    The are not trying to keep water, clean
    They don't keep the grounds, green

    -Vishakha Bhaskar