• midnight_riff 5w

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    Everything we see teaches us something,
    Something about life.
    A day always comes with a night,
    So does every being has a dark side.
    Separation is a must that we cannot avoid,
    leaves separate and fall when it's autum.
    Death will sparkle as beautiful as meteoroids,
    Everyone should celebrate till their time comes.
    Give smiles even though you are sad,
    Like mother nature's beauty
    That calms us, takes all worries we had
    While she is in pain, nurturing her is our duty.
    Believe in yourself, no need to care!
    Like you believe in something that doesn't exist.
    God lives in you but you search everywhere.
    Believe in yourself more than God at least.
    Relationship is a thin thread that ties,
    You with someone who once was a stranger.
    Like a lonely cuckoo will you cry,
    If you let that thread break against your sharp anger.

    Always smile and take things lightly