• sreejani 5w

    At times.. Everything feels so superficial
    All hollow..
    Dried up tears..
    Barren deserted rivers,
    All the lush green meadows turned white under sheets of snow,
    Blows the wind harsh and fast..
    Feels like never before..

    At times, Everything seems broken into fragments
    Debris of time, shattered on the floor
    Piercing my feet
    As I trod on them.. Knowingly..

    At times, Everything seems Dead - End
    At times, My matter of Pride takes a vault
    At times, I fail to understand
    Was I wrong?
    Am I?

    At times, Everything seems a trance
    Even the noise of the crowd doesn't hit my ears
    Even the plight of a woman beaten up by in laws,
    Doesn't evoke my senses hard

    At times, Everything around me seems dazed
    Lost.. Bewildered...
    Even the deaf can see
    And the blind can hear

    As I wish to put all my senses
    On the shores of death