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    Must've Been the Wind Girl POV

    The glass shatters on the wall.
    I can't believe that I'm not dreaming
    I start to cry and I can't stop the tears
    Cause I feel trapped in this nightmare

    His anger is getting worse day after day
    And I don't know how much more my body can take
    I pray that someone will help me out
    Then I hear the knock on the door and a boy is there and asks about the things he's been hearing

    I don't know what to say other than "I think your ears are playing tricks on you."
    Oh I hope my sweater hides the bruises I know are there.
    "Thanks for caring sir, that's nice of you but I have to go back in."
    I wish I could tell him about the noise but I can't explain it, at least not yet.
    So I say "It must've been the wind."

    I close the door quietly and walk back down the hall.
    The boy stays in my head and the responses I should've said:

    I'm so sorry we disturbed you
    I hope it never happens again
    I wish I could tell you everything going on
    I could really use a friend

    I wish that I could invite you in
    But I don't want him to get upset
    And I'm not ready to deal with that
    So until then, my answer is "It must've been the wind."

    Girl's point of view for the song "It Must've Been the Wind" by Alec Benjamin