• disisdiplim 6w

    You have tied us both
    With the toxic rope
    I can't move, I see you can't too

    Its certain, there's no curtain
    you ain't no longer love, feel me
    There's just a dependency
    Unabridged birth to jealousy
    Yet you tie me up
    With sugar coated words
    Too much to show off

    Its not love, I have been explaining lately
    And you showed me your abusive potentiality
    Now you have tied me up with a fiber rope
    Submerging me into the dark unseen reality.

    In toxic chemicals, you wish to grow life
    giving love
    That's just an jeopardy psychology

    And so I m stuck with you
    Your madness, my reality
    Till the day I find circumstance
    and courage to halt
    this insanity

    Inspired by
    "THE PARAMEDIC" movie

    #movie #mirakee #pod

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