• jeethurnair 5w

    Chaos of mind !

    He holds his head, which is pounding so hard, to keep it steady as he felt the room spinning.
    "Was this world gone crazy,? Is it going to crash on me..? " his thoughts gone erratic and he tried to distract his mind from unnecessarily chasing the worries.

    A glimpses of yesterday were enough for him to struggle like this, made him pulling out his hair strands out of frustration. All that atrocious moments flashed on his head. He sit on knees as he was out for oxygen. It's unable to breathe. ! He inhaled hardly, but it only cause pain and tightness in chest. "My world is crushing down !" He given up and collapsed on the floor.

    Darkness overwhelmed him. He stares into the dark pit forming in front of his eyes, just to make sure that he isn't died yet. "Can memories could kill someone? "
    Yes... in many ways... may be with a heap of struggles like this.. or may be.. silently embracing the soul to take away from our body !. What ever, the option ended up in mutilation. Indeed in fatality. !