• chekavar_dairies 31w

    For her

    I don’t want to judge you
    I don’t want to patch up ur imperfections
    Coz I want to love u the way u are
    I don’t know where you are
    I don’t know how you are
    If you are mad now
    I wanna hold u tight
    Wanna do my pinky promises with u
    Telling everything with you under sky
    Laying on terrace looking at stars
    Playing with your hair
    Loving you infinitely
    Telling my stupid jokes at you
    Making you laugh
    Forgiving your craziness
    Searching the couple tattoos together
    Cuddling each other sharing the pizza
    Spanking you and running all over
    Fighting with pillows
    Being partner in my crimes
    Taking pics all along together
    Hugging u from behind
    Falling asleep in each other’s arms
    Sending u good morning texts from next room
    Waking you up with morning kiss on you
    With the surprises of morning glory
    Being patient with you
    Holding ur hands walking to cafe
    So close to me
    In memories of the random messages that I sent u always
    Don’t know how you are there
    Don’t know when we gonna meet
    I am here waiting u
    With love !!