• aliciabudhram 5w


    Sometimes, in the depth of deep sleep, I hear the soft call of a heart. It pulls the frequency of mine, and I arise in haste, listening carefully. I hear nothing with my ears as you tug at the strings of my heart, playing strange notes I cannot decipher, yet I long to yield. Will you answer when I return your heart's call? 

    I have loved you in lifetimes before, temporarily forgetting you in the mad rush of life. It would be unthinkable for my heart to no longer recognize that rhythm... or those strange notes. Will you answer if I return your heart's call?

    I crave your closeness, the fulfillment of long ago. It might seem like an ancient love story that you, in this lifetime, may not believe, but feeling you a thousand years apart feels like a nanosecond. I remember you, I do, but will you answer if I return your heart's call?

    Will we bathe in the stars' lights? You will stand next to the moon, lighting my heart aflame. In your piercing dark gaze, I will drown my pains and lifetimes of shame. 

    You are just the same as when we met a thousand years ago.