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    In between thoughts of noughts
    and thoughts of nots,
    a thought crosses my mind
    whether we are all some kind of

    Not robots, but bots, controlled
    by secondary thoughts of people
    who are at the prime, prime of
    supposedly everything.

    Our opinions, our privacy
    are owned by lurking
    calculating everything
    with a measure of guilt.

    Statues built, weapons dealt,
    religion decided, people killed,
    air is aghast with smog,
    polluted to the brim with daily

    Life is insignificant, death is free,
    do we hide our real selves behind
    masks of glee?
    tap, tap, tap, pronounce
    keyboard warriors
    typing anything that fans
    their egoistic inferno
    Tis' a war of inexhaustible words
    never to end.
    destroying precious lives in the

    We walk along the unending roads,
    roads that lead us to eternal doom.
    we cannot avoid this
    cause we don't even remember
    when we signed up for this

    We are all some kind of bots
    who have lost our thinking
    our keys have rusted,
    our machinery old,

    Our control is left with
    sinister masters
    we are just puppets
    with strings of fate
    moulded to spew
    poison and hate.


    250th Poem. I'm glad I could write my 250th poem finally. another spontaneous one
    Long, but I hope it is worth reading :)

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    post date - 4th November 2019, 4 am. Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

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