• minus_e_plus_v 31w


    Finally, the storm has passed leaving behind all its mighty destruction.The pain, the fear, the misery, the inner turmoil has all come to an end leaving behind a bit broken, a bit matured and a complicated me.
    Well, for the world it was a mere crush, probably that is what I told them, but for those who know me better, for those who read my eyes before my words know what he was to me, He was my life, my existence, all my stories revolved around him he was the hero and I wanted to be his heroine. The saddest thing is I had an unmovable belief that he also have same feelings for me.
    But you know what, life can not be bed of roses and all your khayali pulav cannot be true. So, as you expect one fine day I approached him, we were talking about some random things when he told me about his love interest and it was not me.
    In that moment I had plenty of choices, I could have been his best friend, or could have asked for a party,or teased him and made him happy, but I chose the silliest of all options- Confession, the unvieling of truth, and from then nothing is fine, all we have is awkward smiles, he is no more a friend
    and now that I know the girl I feel I am worthless, as if defeated without even fighting the war. I am running from him, from people who used to tease me with his name it suffocates me, and when finally I am away from him the storm has finally come to the end.