• gangareji 10w


    Here comes the blooming charm,
    Walks like the pride of the class ,
    Picking up the gossips to draft a file,
    As soon as her feet reaches the corridor
    We expect the flash news whatsoever.
    The countless hours of lecturing,
    Lost in the world of illusion,
    The floating magic of paper Planes,
    Added up the childhood amusement.
    Keep quiet !Shouted the teacher,
    The sleepy heads in the back bench stopped ,
    And took a peek.
    " I saw you with a packet of chips,get out I say"
    They marched out like an army of ants .
    When the bell struck four,
    The gateway to liberty finally opened,
    People rushed out like zombies,
    Poor gatekeeper left with bruises and pain,
    Nevertheless we are free atlast!