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    Survivor And Warrior

    Being an infant

    In my mother's big abdomen

    I heard all the screams of our kinsfolk,

    Drafting for my demise before my existence

    Into a world I desired of merrily inhabiting.

    I kept on questioning mother with a knock

    That, is the world so cruel?

    " Yes ! " was her reply.

    Being a kid

    After a long voyage with barriers

    That mother erected for escorting me out,

    I was often given pessimistic speadbreakers

    In the path leading to my magical fairytales,

    Crowded with robust desires and hopes

    By letting me hear to the same idioms

    A girl can't dream!

    Being a teenager

    I was compelled to seal my soft lips

    When shades of black was embraced,

    Whenever I was harassed, left torn apart for

    Just being who I desire to be and that's a girl.

    My heart was made fragile with scars

    Engulfing my anatomy and edges of

    The mind cramped with fantasy.

    Being a survivor

    After hastening eclipse o'clocks

    And threats of being a deceased epitome

    I approached with a revival for fabricating

    My fragmented pieces of fragile core with

    adhesive tapes of courage and strength,

    Being the ink in my torn folios I

    Perpetually swirled with hopes.

    Being a warrior

    I devastated the evil facades

    Veiling in the corners of dark alleys

    And elevated views against the sapiens who

    Tortured her in mother's gigantic cute womb.

    Girl who resided in edge of vacated room

    Smiled when she left her anxiety and

    woke as the only Crown.