• beneranda 10w

    The haunting thought of not knowing whether they will stay alive or they will be shot dead unnoticed or will once again be spat at for not looking pretty much the same like the rest of the inhabitants is something that needs to be talked about on a daily basis and not only that but an ample amount of light needs to be shed on in order for it to be stopped. Both these happenings though they happened in two different parts of the world are one and the same. Because let's face it at the end of the day we are all human beings, who pride ourselves as being the wisest creatures to have ever existed. If we cannot ensure a world where everyone are treated equally and not on the basis of our skin colour, or how we look like, or the food we eat more than a hundred years later from when our forefathers have sweat both blood and water to end the age of slavery then that little girl and many others like her will one day be just another hapless creature stuck behind a system created by the so called intellectuals who thinks that humans amongst ourselves have the right to differentiate between each other. So, let us learn from the past and try our best to rewrite history by learning from it. Better a lesson learned than a stone unturned.