• bey5151 6w

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    I don't know what brought you to me?

    When my brain rejects you this soul inspires attention
    These eyes are confused looking at you but the heart is struggling uncontrollably
    Attracted by your magical power while lost in my logic
    So many roads stretched out, differences ended in similarities
    The more I search for an explanation about you my head gets frozen

    I've never been close to you but why can I feel comfortable?

    I don't need your sweet word just a little news about you is enough to calm me down
    I let the soul guide and this brain only as a witness
    Often the heart becomes the battlefield and the feeling turns to be the winner
    This body sometimes becomes a victim because it is tired, but the soul comes to heal
    In the confusion, looking for answers every second becomes a lesson
    I will not fight because this time life is beautiful again

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    We both bow
    I was the dry weeds and bouncy grass
    You are the season
    I am a rock surrounded by fast river waters
    You are that cold
    But we both met!