• sonam007 31w

    ## dedicated to you mom##

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    If I start writing about her
    Even ocean full of ink would not be enough. If I talk about her love for me.
    Even sky full of stars would be incomparable.

    She laughs until she cries.
    She love's that photograph of our family. She works hard to make the end meets. She's honest and thats beauty.She believes in me that I could do no wrong .

    She loves flowers so much. She like learning new things. She like travelling and visiting ospicious holy places. She like innovations with new idea. She's a champion in herself.

    She breaths the air that I breath. She hold my hand against all the odds. She shares the happiness with us but hides the pain beneath the earth. She hears my silents and knows what's best for me. She's my goddess of love .

    She guides me right from wrongs. She lights the way for me to a better man. She earns every little smiles on our faces. She is the heavenly gift that speaks to my heart. The only person whom I find irresistible
    Love you MOM always and forever.