• that_ghnn 47w

    Cry for me,
    Love me,
    Care for me,
    holding me with no doubt,
    Embrace like there's no tomorrow.

    Remembering when we get caught,
    The first fight we did,
    First pain and first tears
    Beginning when were young...
    Reminiscing the past that we had.

    Thinking about how we first met,
    the time I've confessed,
    all memories is coming back and
    lose something that you cannot replaced.

    When i met you and loved you
    it is the time that i got drawn in the sand
    The time that i got drawn with the water without trying to used my hands and feet.
    Yes i know how to swim but i felt the trust inside me.
    Trust you but you just watched me drawning in the water and sand of lies.

    I have should have known,
    You've got a Flagrant and flowery Mouth.
    should love myself in the first place
    And give myself some worthwhile.
    It's a waste... all of them!

    I pleased you, I shout your name
    i don't know why you keep acting
    that you can't hear me? I hope you sleep peacefully and silent..
    but It's over my sweet....it's over...

    You gonna feel and do that.........

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    When I die....