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    Taking my heart in this second of lonliness,
    The world feels subdued in this moment of seperation

    Why is the voice silent?
    What is the hidden plan?
    the heart feels so alone.

    Leaving the darkness
    comes this light rending the walls
    Seen nowhere in the world, different from all, unique

    Tell me, sky what happened to her
    What catastrophe! oh god!
    why does each route look so changed?

    after she looked hither, changing her viewing mirror
    She has (meaning one) got me forever (meaning two) got the punishment for twisting the knife in this heart so.

    There's no one quite like her
    The face I found...she's unique, she's different.
    Wh's the heart so fearful..

    Tell me why the fear
    I found such a lover
    is now lost in this crowd.

    and I'm alone
    after she went into the wide world
    and reached a destination after stepping on thorns

    there's no one quite like you, unique, seperate

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