• maeforeman 10w

    The Barque of Us

    Should the barque of us go adrift
    Let us berth to the harbor of us, my dear
    Though the times and tides may shift
    The miles marked together a bridge to pier.
    And if you're too weary to climb ashore
    I myself shall come and meet you at sea
    Be an island I for you, be a buoy for me
    Thus now, always and forevermore.
    And if the flax ties that bound us come loose
    I shall weave with my own hands
    The thornèd stinging nettle noose
    And willingly on the scaffold I'll ascend
    To die and to come alive again
    Again to love you and to love you more
    My fervor and faith shall never wane
    Essence of my essence, core of my core
    I'll be anvil and I'll be the fire
    I'll take the blows and never wail
    The tempest rage, the straits be dire
    The barque of us will float and sail
    And if my tomorrows start to rattle
    I shall not, will not ever bend
    I'll jump with both feet into the battle
    and fight for you till my tomorrows end.